Think about this ... "be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle"

Monday, June 22, 2009

A week later

I don't know if I mentioned in my last post that we had moved to a different site (same campground, different site) and no longer have the campgrounds wifi and we are under so many trees and down a hill that we can't get our satellite - hence not so frequent posts!

Anyway, Rick and the group went back up to Laconia on Saturday (I sat this one out as well because I'd been to the hospital the day before to find out I now have bronchitis). Sunday evening we were at Pat and Beth's fro Father's Day and spent the night so I am on their internet connection!

It has rained constantly here for the past week and a half. There was one break on Tuesday I think it was so we were able to get the bikes out and ride for a couple hours. Rain is predicted for the rest of the week, but at this point SUN is predicted for the coming weekend - we will all keep our fingers crossed on that one. Hopefully we can get the bikes out again!

I was so frustrated the other day with the hospital deal, but after several days of going into these coughing fits and not being able to catch my breath Rick convinced me it was time to do something. There are not walk in facilities or urgent care facilities in these parts so Blue Cross sent us to the e.r. at Concord Hospital! Seems like a hell of a waste of money to use an e.r. for such a thing, but that was the only option.

We will be in NH for another couple weeks then to MA for two weeks after which we head to NY and VT for a couple weeks (doing a rally in VT we think) then heading to the Great Lakes.

That's the brief post for today - hopefully the next one won't be a week away or as brief!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yesterday Rick headed up to the Laconia (on his bike - it is the start of Laconia bike week) area with friends Richie and Frankie.

I headed out to an Artisans Faire in Hillsboro Center. Hillsboro Center is different from Hillsboro and about five miles north (??). The rain finally took a break and it was a lovely sunny day. Check out this tree that was in the "yard" where the faire was. That is a hole right through the tree! One of those weird things I guess that just catch my eye sometimes!

Hillsboro Center was a beautiful little town with gorgeous old homes on lovely acreage. The tree however was the only photo I took!

Today we are off to Chad and Amy's to meet Amy's mom. Arlo will be going with us so he will meet Indie. Chad thought it would be best if they met at a dog park (good idea as it is "neutral territory") and hopefully they would be worn out and wouldn't run around like nuts on Chad's hardwood floors, probably making all kinds of racket for the landlords who live below. It is however raining, pouring (the break was so nice yesterday but didn't last long enough for sure) so I don't know if we will still be meeting at the dog park. I think it may be "weird" to me to be back in Boston.

The weather for the rest of the week is ~ you guessed it ... rain. We have no plans although we had discussed a bike trip to Laconia on Friday - we shall see. We need to find Arlo sitting for probably Thursday and Friday nights if we do that. Also, Sir needs to visit a vet this week for a rabies shot and heart worm test - so I guess that gives us something to do part of one day.

I did finish the quilt I'd been working on yesterday while Rick was gone. Other than that I continue to have this mental block about my sewing machine. I have some hemming to do on a couple pair of pants and there is a quilt store in Henniker that I'd like to visit - I am looking for a fabric with small flamingos to do a wall hanging for the bedroom - where I intended the flip-flop wall hanging (that turned out to be a table topper) to go. I have the best intentions and then get lazy and sit doing word searches or reading (not to mention eating and drinking and expanding, ever expanding). But at least I am feeling better!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

remember the song?

Whose lyrics are........

RAIN RAIN GO AWAY, COME AGAIN ANOTHER DAY ....... Like how 'bout 60 days from now .....
j.c. get this flipping rain AWAY .... can't stand anymore cold, rain, rain, rain, rain, cold, rain, cold, rain, rain, cold, cold, cold .... We've had the heat on four mornings in a row ....

I used to HATE it when my mother in law would sit on my/our deck wearing blankets and sweaters commenting on how cold it was. Yes, it used to irk the heck out of me ... my thought was, you know what, it is cold here in MA in April/May and you should know it after spending how many years in the area .... well ..... history is repeating itself isn't it .... and yes, it is MID june .... UGH UGH UGH cold damp ... sweaters and afghans ......

lupines ~ just beautiful lupines

When I had my gardens I tried to grow lupines (a very pretty perennial in at least two colors - blue and pink) and didn't have much success. The planting came at the end of my gardening at the stick house - and I think perhaps (excuses excuses??) the dog or the boy that mowed the lawn (although the lupines weren't in the lawn, so most likely the dog!?!?) destroyed the plants.

Anyway, with all that said, the story is .... we went to Peterborough the other day. We were on a shopping mission (well I was) and a mission to find the closest (25+ miles away) gastroenterologist .... seriously, as well as a hospital or emergency facility - 25+ miles.

It is so interesting to me that NOW in my life I consider the distance to emergency care and medical specialists. Another interesting point that pushed my buttons (in a less than positive way) was that when I "checked out" (on their website) a gastro doctor and his associates in Concord - I have to have a referral to make an appointment .... I don't understand all this referral stuff ... but am ever so so so grateful that I do have the insurance that will cover the ongoing "issue". Enough about all that "stuff" .... yeah I could have done a play on words there, but I guess Mom is over my shoulder saying don't don't don't.

Gosh I digressed with all that didn't I. Our trip to Peterborough was great - cold, but great. Rick and I had a "date", seriously we left Sir Arlo at home and headed out the two of us - OH the nerve (isn't that terminology more than a bit odd!!)

Along the way we passed what was probably a two mile stretch of daisies, beautiful white daisies and lupins, gorgeous blue lupines. I decided that I needed to have some of the lupines, so on the return we stopped and I picked a few .... they don't smell all that great (read a bit on the nasty side) but they sure look lovely in the bathroom and on the kitchen counter. Lois is here with us in spirit, I swear, when I do these, often times, small flower "things" . When Sister Candy was here last week she brought me a beautiful arrangement in a lovely old bottle ... we got the Lois thing going through our veins for sure!

So on our "shopping" travel today, we bought a new outside chair/recliner deal for Rick - I bought one a week or so ago for me and got frustrated trying to deal with the camping world store for it (i didn't feel well that day to start) and came home and ordered a LaFuma on line. Apparently Rick did like mine after all so off to CW we went today so Rick could "test" them all. Now if we could have the flipping weather cooperate!

After that it was a trip to the fabric store (I used to spend lots and lots and lots of hours at fabric stores in a previous life!!). Princess Paige is being baptised in a few weeks and she will be wearing the Alves family baptism dress. I, however, am honored to make a bonnet and a pair of booties for the occasion. I needed patterns for such things so that was a stop today .... still having issues with the booties pattern ~ seems the major pattern manufacturers don't make such a thing anymore! Since my boys were never baptised (does that make me a bad mother?? ... well it could be a post for a different day ... baptism etc.). As for the pattern, I will make it work and Paigie (aka "Muffin Face") will have very special booties on her day - and they will be embellished with lace or something taken, oh so discreetly, from her Mom's wedding dress. IT WILL BE LOVELY (I hope because T~T wants to be involved in a good and loving way on this special day).

So the weather here in Deering continues to be (as seems to be the case throughout New England) cold and rainy and just plain crappy. I won't continue in that vein (vane??), but ......... um, we not be thrilled with it and the bikes remain in the trailer!!!

Rick is heading to Pat and Beth's tomorrow with Sir. Arlo needs some "Mr. S" time .... as in he needs some great exercise, and I am looking forward to some "me" time and will use the time to complete a quilt I've been working on and/or perhaps cut out a "shirt" I've had on the project line up for about a month and a half ... we shall see about that one! If all else fails, I will be out there in my oh so comfy "recliner" tomorrow working on the completion of my current book.

Speaking of books ....... seriously, who knows the name and/or author of the book about the Amish "children" going through their "free" year before commitment to the lifestyle? Not the Jodi Picoult (although Michelle, what IS the name of that one?? That is on my to read list as well).

That's all for tonight y'all ... sleep tight etc.

Monday, June 8, 2009

how is it possible

That a child could be so cute!  

Vovo bought Paige these adorable sunglasses.  Paige didn't even mind having them on and when we went outside she didn't squint and squirm from the sun .... 

Rick and Arlo had been at Pat and Beth's since Thursday.  I finally "rallied" enough to feel safe leaving the house and went over Saturday.  I got some of the planting done that I'd bought stuff for last week ~ still have some more to do, but at least I made a bit of progress.  We have to go back today (Rick left his bike there) so I may finish it up then .... we shall see.

Check out this guy on Rick's back!  He was huge (with a wing span of about 3 1/2 inches) and must have been on a couch cushion when Rick sat down or something.  

That's the brief post for today.  

Friday, June 5, 2009


Sister Candy was here last night and this morning with me before she headed off to Brayden land.  I so badly needed a Candy "fix".  This has been something less than a great week for Rick and I - I've tried to get out and go and do, but with the exception of our day to Sunapee, I haven't been able to stray far from the coach.  

Candy just has this soothing, understanding about her - Thank you for being here Candy and not criticizing but offering comforting suggestions. ~ I love you.

We walked the campground late yesterday afternoon to see the lady slippers - we saw many lady slippers for sure.  Along the way, we came across this campsite - vacant during the week I believe, but I'm sure it's occupied now, but isn't it so cute how these sand toys are lined up so precisely.  It reminded me of days gone by, raising two boys and their digger trucks!  We were never so organized though that we had a bin for them to go in!  Even if we had had a bin I doubt they'd have been in it often!

Last night we went out for a "fine dining experience" and fine it was!  We went to Cafe Andre in Sunapee, which from the outside just doesn't look so fine dining'ish, but Rick had stopped there a few years ago when he was out on his bike and Andre had shown him the magnificent gardens out back of the "cafe" and we sat next to Andre and his partner Mary the other day when we were on "Tracey's big day out" at Anchorage in Sunapee Harbor (remember disgusting mussels?).  When Mary and Andre were leaving Andre came over and introduced himself to us and we were "kabitzing" that we'd just gone by their place. 

I was familiar with the Cafe only from Rick's tale and having passed it a few times but it doesn't open until 5:00 or so in the afternoon, so I'd never been there.  Well I went on their website after our meeting and was impressed by the menu.  So off Candy and I went (hoping to see a moose along the way - NOT).

OMG what a meal oh oh oh what a meal.  Andre's is quite tiny on the dining side (don't know about the other side, as we didn't go in there) white table cloth place with maybe a dozen tables, but we were the only people there.  Oh the food was fabulous and we sat looking out at Mary's beautiful, absolutely gorgeous, gardens.  

Crummy, lousy photo below ~ Candy wanted me to capture the yellow bird (just above the tubular feeder) and the yellow pansies ("pansies aren't pansies" are they Charlie) that are pretty much center of the photo.  Well, I was taking the picture through a screen I believe AND the flash is reflected ... but I did get the yellow bird and the yellow pansies!
After we left the restaurant (we needed to head east) but of course as I was pulling out, I checked traffic from the west and saw this sunset - you know me and sunsets!  Not too bad huh?  Not the Keys, but not bad!

Rick and Arlo are at Pat and Beth's - I was there for a while yesterday, working on the Paul Bunyan crew as best as I could and left early to come home to be here when Candy arrived.  I intend to go back there (Pat and Beth's) tomorrow.  

My day started at 2:00 AM today so after Candy left for Brayden land I "futzed" and napped and napped and futzed and did the 10 foot dash in between ....  Haven't eaten a lot today so hopefully things will be "good" tomorrow and I'll be gardening in New Boston .....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Two in twenty four????

So I was brave enough to get away from the coach and get on my bike ... hopefully putting a smile on Richard's face that I ventured out of my current, oh so personal, comfort zone  (for obvious reasons to those of you that read the blog) .

We did head up to Sunapee (Lake) today.  Story (of course) here.  

Many years ago when we were in the area, on probably a long weekend, we headed north to the Sunapee (lake AND mountain) area (gorgeous) and just happened upon a restaurant that served food AND  alcohol (there are, after all, only TWO restaurants on the SHORES of Lake Sunapee).  On that ride we found the Anchorage at Sunapee Harbor.  The barmaid, way back then, was "Waverly" (isn't that a great name).  Well, Waverly owned property (many acres) out in the middle of ...... UMMM ... I don't remember where, but she gave us directions and told us how lovely it was and please, when we left the restaurant, head out there (with very very specific directions in pocket) and tour the many acres.  Well, sort of unlike us, we did just that.  

Her husband was there and we explained our presence (and I'm sure he is still scratching his head over that)  and sort of had a self guided tour of their many many acres - which included a very steep slope down a very washed out dirt road (keep in mind we were on the bikes) ... it was an adventure for sure, BUT it is one we fondly remember and obviously still speak of. Anyway, we were back at the Anchorage today, in hopes of reconnecting with Waverly.  Not to be - she is no longer there, but at an Italian restaurant down the road (about 25 miles from where we are staying so not likely we'd be there anytime soon because it opens at 4:00 or 5:00  daily which could prove to be a loooooong ride home).  

We did partake, today, of wonderful views, not so great mussels (my polite review) and a decent clam roll (Richard's review).  Since I don't do restaurant review or pretend to be a food "critic" I won't continue in that vain, but ummmmmmmmm..........
Chester, you may want to consider property in this area, rather than Vermont (my home state), (as I mentioned in our conversation an hour ago, a photo for you and Honey).  I have some real estate brochures ready to go out to you within the next few days, with notes attached.  As I recall you want mountains .... these white mountains are great Paulie AND the lakes in the area ~ I just know you would love to spend a season (or two or ten) here.
So, I am awaiting (with such excitement) my sister's arrival here within the next few days.  I am so close, yet so far (for whatever reason) from my family and friends.  What's up with that anyway ~ I am thinking about venturing out in a rental car next week .... In the meantime Sir needs his rabies vaccination (need to find a local Vet) and a tubbie (he really doesn't smell all that great after all his play time with Snoopy and Casey, not to mention the swim I took him for yesterday here in a pond at the campground), but, I'm sure that can be handled with one person.  Most campgrounds do, however, require a current rabies vaccination certificate for dogs coming on their property.

We've been in this campground now for two weeks (and I do, and always have, liked this campground) but I feel "trapped" here .... like I said, so near but so far (to my Chad, my Carol Ann, my Moelicious etc), especially knowing we won't be back here in the next few years and there are so many people I want to see and whose company I want to enjoy.  So, ALL bodily systems get healthier cause I need to be travelin' for a few days ..... gotta go gotta go gotta go right NOW ... OH YEAH ... GOTTA

Casey Casey Casey

The recent excitement was CASEY!  Arlo got to play with his best friend on Saturday!  
Arlo and Casey haven't played since August of 2007 ~ they made up for lost time I think.  They seem to have slowed down a bit in their playing (well I guess what I am trying to say is that Arlo doesn't drive Casey as crazy as he used to).

But the play, for Casey, is still always about a tennis ball!  Casey lives for tennis balls.
And Auntie Mary provides snacks too!  Thanks Auntie M!

That's about all from these parts.  Not a very exciting read is it ... sorry, I've been "laying low" with a bout of this digestive thing.  Rick was at Pat and Beth's (and Paige's) yesterday, but I don't venture far from the coach right now so that is where I stayed.  I thought I'd get out on my bike and head up to Sunapee but at the moment I'm not sure that will happen today either!  UGH.  

On a high note, my sister Candy is stopping by at the end of the week to spend a night or two with us - don't remember exactly when but I think it may be Friday ~ yippee.......