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Friday, May 20, 2011

crazy, crazier, craziest

Yeah yeah yeah ... these pictures have been loaded waiting for accompanying text for nearly a month I'd guess!

I'd planned on adding a couple of  Easter festivities of grandchildren Connor (in NC) and Paige (aka Princess Muffin in NH) but didn't have the photos in jpeg and they were very poor quality so only Princess Muffin in the Easter bonnet she created and that won her the blue bunny she is hugging in the photo below.  She won for her age group in the local make your Easter bonnet contest!

We'd been in MA for five weeks (we left there a week ago today and have been in NH).  Most of the MA time was insanely crazy - with doctors appointments and meeting up with old friends and and family.  If nothing else, we did get a great deal accomplished and King Richard is waiting for his vision to complete the healing process from his two cataract surgeries that were done while we were in MA!  Amazing how "easy" and quick those surgeries were!  I am fairly certain that Sir Arlo constantly at his side helped as well in the recovery!

The weather for the most part of the last month and a half has been cold and rainy, and continues to be such.  Fortunately it was a gorgeous, perfect for running a half marathon day on May 1 when Chad ran in the Providence Marathon with Dreamfar (please note at the bottom of that website who designed and created it!) ~ the group he's been "mentoring" with.  One of the "kids" from Dreamfar is in the orange tank top just behind and to the right of him in the photo below.

Providence has always been one of my favorite small cities, and it was especially so on such a beautiful early spring day.  We used to enjoy going down for their Water Fires a couple times a summer and spending the weekend at a Marriott property overlooking the river.

The photo below shows the hurricane barriers along the Providence River in the "Fox Point" section of the city.

We will be leaving NH on Monday heading to VT to start our five month (oh dear five months) volunteer stint with the Vermont State Parks!

Stay tuned ...