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Monday, July 11, 2011

decisions decisions decisions

Seriously, how on earth could I possibly chose which photos to post when I took over 300 then "edited" it down to about 180 and am trying to post maybe 15-20?  UGH like I said ... decisions decisions decisions ..

With all that said, who knew that balloons have names?  Certainly not I!  The beauty above is  "Abraxas" owned/piloted (according to the Quechee Balloon Festival insert in the local paper (aka The Valley News) by Mario Di Stefano from Worcester, MA.  

As you may recall from my most recent (yeah yeah yeah) post, the 32nd annual Quechee Hot Air Balloon Festival was held here June 17-19.  One of the benefits of our volunteer positions here at the State Park is that we pretty much "front and center" for the event ~ a first for me, which truly sparked an addition (that I've done nothing towards fulfilling, BTW) to my "bucket list" - being part of a chase team.

"Last Penny" (don't you just love that name ...
Bill Colyer from Fairfield, CT

Abraxas, again, so does this second shot confirm that it MAY be my favorite?

"The calming Effect of Sunshine"
Time Strand, Bloomsbury, NJ

I think a large part of my attraction to these balloons was that they made me think of quilt patterns - big, bright and bold colorful quilts ... now if I could just duplicate them!!

Denny Welser, Tallmadge, OH
now is this a quilt pattern just waiting to be created or what!

top and closest is again, "Uplifted" with
"Going My Way" Dick and Mary Beth Young
Parsippany, NJ

Sadly a poor photo of a beauty called "Reflections"
James Regan from Kensington, CT

again, "Going My Way"

Paul Sena, Worthington, MA
decent shot of the flame ~ yes?

A random, colorless, evening shot of balloons at the field looking from the Quechee covered bridge, with Simon Pearce workshop and restaurant (still haven't been there - seems to be perceived as a bit too "foo foo" for us!!

"Thunderbuster" again

hmmm, I don't know the name and owner of this one, but isn't it great ~
so colorful and one of those that makes me think of a quilt pattern!

Oh geeez this may really be my favorite - "Great Balls of Fire"
Owned by Bill Whidden, Tavares, FL

The last evening of the festival we went to watch the balloons launch and as we had hoped they went right over the gorge ...

There are a couple balloon businesses in Quechee so we do see (and hear) them fairly often either early (6:30 or so) in the morning or around 6:30 in the evening as they are launching.  I thought it would be a fun adventure while we are here, but since it is in the vicinity of $250. per person, I don't think it is realistic for us to fulfill that adventure!

So that's the latest ~ albeit a month or so old from us ... stay tuned for more adventures!