Think about this ... "be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle"

Friday, October 28, 2011

Humpty dumpty

(and I)

had a great fall (not autumn, but f-a-l-l).

Additionally, I had loaded 25+ photos to do a post about leaving Quechee last Sunday, it was waiting for text ..... it will be waiting a bit longer since I don't do so well right now typing left handed!!

As the saying goes .... stay tuned ....

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

the fungi (and fun guy) of Quechee

This, below, is what started this whole pictoral post several weeks alright at this point it was more than a month ago ... We were sitting out at another of our wonderful, delightful, relaxing "campfires" (which often times start around 1:30 in the afternoon) and what to my wondering eyes should appear but this most interesting fungi photograph opportunity .... (gotcha didn't I ~ you thought it was going to be an early Christmas tale since we are in the land of snow ~ a post for a different time)

But seriously, this photo (above) was what started this post oh so very long ago .... As Sir and I had been walking about the campground it "dawned" on me that oh what a plethora of fungi colors and statures there are in just this tiny bit of land we are on (well "tiny" is a relevant term here).  

So off I went a time or two, camera in hand, thinking oh what a photographer of fungi am I ... Seriously, who knew all these colors and shapes, sizes and hiding places these fungi would have.  Well since at this time it has rained, I believe, eleven days in a row, causing the fungus to grow fungus and the mold to grow mold, and the people and canines to, perhaps, grow webs between their toes ... not to mention that some of "them" get just a wee bit "testy" and short tempered and perhaps a bit "irritable" (just thinking a bit, of course)

 and lo and behold I come across a site from my "childhood" (a photo of the site above, certainly not a photo above of my childhood) .... "Indian Pipe" Such an interesting fungi it is, and reading the wikipedia info, I had NO clue there are, somewhere in the world, a red version of said Indian Pipe!!

Who had any clue there were so many shapes, sizes and colors of fungi.  Speaking of fungi, how about the fun guy below .... is that a happy, fun guy face or what ....

Truth be told here (of course the truth would be told), He, the King, was out cleaning sites one day (or something I can not attest to witnessing, because I was not with him at the time, and only heard about it some time after the fact ... and what should He come across .... the fungi of ALL fungi ....

Are you ready for this???  

He was quite proud to be the finder of such a treasure, so proud and honored was he that he proudly displayed it for anyone showing the most remote (really and truly remote) interest, including his female boss (not his wife, but his boss at the campground) ...

Oh yes, he carried this around in the campground pickup in case, just in case, he should cross paths with anyone who might like to see this wonderful specimen of fungi a fun guy can stumble upon in a damp, very damp environment up here in VT ...

BTW, there seems to be an issue with my "spell check" on blogger tonight ~ I did my best, but sometimes, hard as I try it just isn't good enough!

Do stay tuned ...