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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

The beauty abounds

At the Vermont State Parks.  A while back we took a field trip of sorts to Barnard, VT to visit the Silver Lake State Park.  We thought perhaps Sir Arlo needed some swim and water play time, if not a change of scenery.  We don't have a lake or pond (or any day use area for that matter) here at Quechee (yes we have a gorge, but that's a hike and not always the best choice with a dog who isn't particularly social!

I don't know how big the lake is but it was beautiful and we were able to find plenty of places away from the day use beach area where Sir could frolic!

I turned around to look at our surroundings while Sir was swimming and look who else had been quite active in this particular spot recently!!!  He must have heard us approaching because this sure looked like fresh chewing!

And as the saying goes, I'd say this fella had been "busy as a beaver" for sure!

It's hard for me to believe that we are three months into our five month commitment here in Quechee.  We have been busy busy busy between our volunteering here, travel back to MA, travel to NH and company, lots and lots of company which we have LOVED!  Also, we had the annual "Peck Family Christmas Bar-b-que" (aka PFCBBQ) here at our site a couple weeks back.  Perhaps, just perhaps I'll get around to loading some pictures and doing a blog post about that major event~which was fun fun fun for all (I think, but I am certain it was fun for me!)

I'm thinking that's it for this post, stay tuned and see if another post happens soon .... we shall see .....