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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Not so Fartogo

Ha ha ha, I just crack myself up sometimes!  Not so far to go to FARGO, ND.

See that picture above - role reversal!  Yup, Rick took that picture because yours truly was driving the coach ~ something I haven't done in quite a while.  I don't really like to drive with the trailer (total length at that point is 68 feet).  Since we took only the coach (with the two bicycles in the living room/kitchen area), no car, no trailer, no motorcycles, I decided I was good to drive for 90 miles of the 240 mile trip up to Fargo.  Since ND was one of the two remaining continental states we hadn't been to we thought this was a good time to go on up.

We stayed at a campground (Lindenwood Campground) in Fargo.  We had really mixed feelings about this city park.  The great things, it was right on the Red River, campsites had some grass, some had trees, it was fairly quiet at night in spite of the fact that I94 was right there.  They delivered firewood to our site (remember we had no car), there was a wonderful city bicycle path, part of which went through the park.

The not so great parts, well the electric was very very weak (in fact it often couldn't even power our Keurig!  Some of you may know how VERY important my morning coffee is to me - don't talk to me, don't look at me, don't get near me until I've had at least 1/2 of my first cup ~ just a warning.  The "check in process" was absolutely insane, as there was no one to check us in until 4:00 pm (we arrived around 2:30), there was no map showing available sites, it was very frustrating to say the least so we just decided to find an empty site and "check in" at 4:00.  The fire pits were filled with ash and litter, the sites were VERY unlevel, there was no one around during the day if a problem should arise.  Apparently the city of Fargo doesn't realize the value of work campers or volunteers!

I'd been yearning for a camp fire for a long time (probably since we left Florida I guess).  So we had one every night - YEAH.  I must admit, I am one terrific fire builder thanks to the lessons of my older sister Candy who indeed taught me well (thanks Candy)!

Isn't it amazing how dry the ground is!  To think that two years ago this area was devastated by floods from the pretty Red River!

The first day we were there (or maybe it was the second, I can't seem to remember!) we bicycled 4 1/4 miles.  The second bicycle day we rode 12 miles (seriously, I didn't know I was capable).  It may have been more than 12, but we can't be sure because some less than nice person stole Rick's speedometer/odometer off his bike while we were enjoying (well I enjoyed) a nice lunch at Monte's in downtown Fargo.  I loved the place but it was a bit "much" for Rick, and the theft really put a damper on it after the fact.  I do know that before we reached our "destination" and turned around that day we were at 5 1/2 miles and went at least another 1/2 mile before turning around.  The speedometer has since been replaced (gotta love Amazon) but the event just really "irked" us both ...

Downtown Fargo is another city that has sculpture art along it's streets (I love these cities).  In Fargo it is buffalo ~ so colorful but we only saw two (the second and third photos are the same fella from different sides)

Next post (maybe) I'll post photos of the other things we did on our 12 mile bicycle ride day!

One last thing ~ in a previous post I posted a picture of the cutey below and commented that I wasn't sure what he is ... well mystery solved!  He (she??) is a "thirteen lined ground squirrel", and he is about to go into hibernation within the next month!

Stay tuned ......

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Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

How do they make any money if no one is ever there?

Love the fire. We haven't had one in at least a year. Hope we can make a few this winter.

I love the buffaloes! I drive Paul nuts when a city has stuff like that. I make him run me all over getting photos.